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US-1439026-A: Beet-topping device patent, US-1439531-A: Pipe-welding machine patent, US-1439916-A: Sound box patent, US-1440484-A: Account-book case patent, US-1441242-A: Cylinder-grinding machine patent, US-1441290-A: Bottle-washing machine patent, US-1441777-A: Kekmeth e patent, US-1441971-A: Road-drag attachment patent, US-1442533-A: Motor vehicle patent, US-1444229-A: Metallic-door seam patent, US-1444447-A: Screw jack patent, US-1444475-A: Buffing machine patent, US-1446247-A: Light-controlling means patent, US-1446469-A: Method of making valve stems patent, US-1446721-A: Vaporizer for gasoline engines patent, US-1447244-A: Machine for inserting fastenings patent, US-1447519-A: Friction clutch for telescoping elements patent, US-1447805-A: Lawn-edging implement patent, US-1447994-A: Capped contact met patent, US-1448683-A: Sun curtain for autos patent, US-144943-A: Improvement in pipe-couplings patent, US-1450036-A: Headlight control for use on automobiles patent, US-1450402-A: Ikoning machine patent, US-1450551-A: Attachment shield for automobile windshields patent, US-145175-A: Improvement in boilers for vaporizing volatile fluids patent, US-1452356-A: Machine for making flexible tubular armor patent, US-1452387-A: Wood-splitting machine patent, US-1452988-A: Machine for pressing and labeling interfolded sheets of paper patent, US-145339-A: Improvement in railway-rail joints patent, US-1453707-A: Method of and apparatus for forming concrete structures patent, US-1453712-A: A cobporation patent, US-1453742-A: Abrading machine patent, US-1453823-A: Hose construction patent, US-1453968-A: Musical toy patent, US-1454700-A: Composition for and method of manufacturing sound amplifiers patent, US-1455790-A: keilholtz patent, US-1456197-A: Fuel-oil control apparatus patent, US-1457010-A: Carburetor patent, US-1457474-A: Braiding machine patent, US-1457572-A: Spindle patent, US-1457976-A: Filler tube patent, US-1457986-A: Method of preparing inner tubes for vulcanization patent, US-1458180-A: Advertising device patent, US-1458431-A: Impulse-starter mechanism for ignition generators patent, US-1458480-A: Pendulum scale patent, US-1459296-A: Cutter patent, US-1459568-A: Hammer adjustment patent, US-145966-A: Improvement in stump-extractors patent, US-1459866-A: Sign support patent, US-1461632-A: Washing machine patent, US-146216-A: Improvement in sugar-cane cultivators patent, US-1462761-A: Locked anchorage for window-cleaners' harness patent, US-1462808-A: Machine-control mechanism patent, US-1464097-A: Two-way-signaling system patent, US-1465566-A: Powder puff patent, US-1465643-A: Sensitive plate, film, or the like for color prints patent, US-1468193-A: Gas and water separator for oil wells patent, US-1468236-A: Steering gear patent, US-1468495-A: Metallic flume patent, US-1469022-A: Ventilator patent, US-1469992-A: Dental root-canal point patent, US-1470531-A: Apparatus for classifying granular materials patent, US-1470741-A: Take-up mechanism for knitting machines patent, US-1471357-A: Electrical impulse indicator patent, US-147162-A: Improvement in track-lifters patent, US-1472163-A: Pan-greasing machine patent, US-1472363-A: Lubricating device for axle journals patent, US-1472575-A: Folding table patent, US-1473440-A: Coffee urn patent, US-1473938-A: Valve pbotectiitg and opekating device fob pneumatic tires patent, US-1474357-A: Distillation of bituminous material patent, US-1474384-A: Electric heating unit patent, US-1474822-A: Pipe and pipe clamp patent, US-1475102-A: Toothbrush patent, US-1475852-A: Motor-vehicle top patent, US-1476151-A: Stropping machine patent, US-1476537-A: Apparatus for manufacturing tubes patent, US-1477003-A: Sewing-machine attachment patent, US-1477763-A: Kneeling pad patent, US-1477835-A: Device for removing sheets singly from a pile of sheets patent, US-1477900-A: Mop patent, US-1478531-A: Gas-heated-sadiron connection patent, US-1478675-A: Neutral and low gear lock for automobiles patent, US-1479605-A: Fountain pen patent, US-1479895-A: Fan patent, US-1480002-A: Shaft-coupling member and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-1480065-A: Garment hanger patent, US-1481613-A: Chart for drafting garments patent, US-1481775-A: Window lock patent, US-148183-A: Improvement in railroad-car ventilators patent, US-1482999-A: Syringe patent, US-148306-A: Improvement in rein-holders patent, US-1483084-A: Manufacture of nu-sulphato-alkyl compounds patent, US-148345-A: Improvement in clevises patent, US-1483575-A: Toilet-paper package patent, US-1483641-A: Disk wheel patent, US-1484178-A: Antislipping means for shoes patent, US-148462-A: Improvement in valves for direct-acting engines patent, US-1485361-A: Means for suppressing the ground currents patent, US-148561-A: Improvement in filters patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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